Edmond, Yukon Moving Service
Edmond, Yukon Moving Service

Three Documents You Don’t Want To Move Without

Dont forget your important documents when you move. Our Yukon, OK Moving Service will carefully move your documents.

At Apple Movers we understand planning a long distance move can be pretty hectic making it easy to forget some of the most important things you need to take with you. So we decided to list the top three documents you’ll need to keep track of during your long distance move. Again, they may seem like “no brainers,” but when you’re trying to keep up with children and pets during a move, it can be easy to forget these three things:

  1. Birth certificate/Social security card(SSN) – These documents are you! Take them with you wherever you go. That means when you move long distance, they go too. These documents may be needed for you to have utility bills placed in your name.
  2. Identification card – Don’t forget your ID! In many states, it is not against the law to not carry your identification card, however, you surely won’t be able to cool off at the bar or explore the city nightlife without it.
  3. Shot records – If you have school-aged children, you’ll need to be sure to pack their shot records. Many times this document is needed to enroll your child in school. If you have a pet, you’ll need to be sure to pack your furry pal’s shot records also, as they are often needed when you take your pet to a new groomer.

We suggest packing these things first, so you know where they are and that, in fact, didn’t leave them behind.

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